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  1. Silence must be strictly observed in and around the library.
  2. Students are expected to co-operate with the library staff.
  3. Do not bring bags or personal books into the library.
  4. Each student is given two borrower's cards from the library. Two books can be borrowed at a time. When the books are returned to the library, the cards will be given back.
  5. Students are expected to take care not to lose the cards issued to them. A Student to whom a card is issued will be responsible for all the books borrowed against that card.
  6. Whenever a student has to get a no dues chit or a clearance certificate from the library, he/she must return to the library the cards lent to him/ her.
  7. Students must, on receiving the books, examine them and report to the library staff any damage found therein. If they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage detected afterwards.
  8. A book borrowed should be returned on or before the date last marked on its date table. An overdue charge of Rs 5/-will be levied for each day after the due date.
  9. Do not make any marking or underlining in the books and periodicals belonging to the library or disfigure them in any other way.
  10. If a book is damaged or lost from a student, he/she shall pay the cost for replacing the book. If one of a set of books is damaged or lost by a member, he/she must replace it with a copy of the same edition. If it is not available he/she shall replace the whole set.
  11. Students are not allowed to sub lend or exchange the cards or books issued to them.
  12. The librarian can refuse to issue the same books to the same borrower repeatedly if it is necessary to prevent the monopolization of a book required by many.
  13. The librarian recall reserves the right to recall from a borrower any book at any time.
  14. Students should make use of the library and reading room regularly.